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Oleksandr Pichugin Paralegal Services in GTA
Вид деятельности: Паралигалы

Oleksandr Pichugin Licensed Paralegal Member of the Paralegal Society of Ontario Comissioner for Taking Affidavits

(416) 512-7506


Court representation and document preparation

Debt Recovery& Judgment Enforcement

Wrongful Dismissal


Representation for Landlords and Tenants

Residential Evictions


Court Appearance at Small Claims Court and Provincial Courts

Pleadings, Letters, Demands, Contracts, Applications, Statements, etc.

Representation at the Hearings at Regulatory Boards, Agencies, and Tribunal Proceedings


Контактные данные:

Постоянный адрес страницы: https://www.knopka.ca/profi/901
Телефоны для связи: 416-512-7506
Адрес интернет сайта: http://www.paralegalspro.com
Местоположение: ON, Toronto
Tочный адрес: 45 Sheppard Ave. E, Suite 900, Toronto, ON M2N 5W9

Просмотров страницы: 6290

Категории бизнеса:
«Паралигалы» в Торонто и GTA

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Oleksandr Pichugin Paralegal Services in GTA
1 октября 2018 г. 14:36

I am involved in a law suit against the condo corporation of my previous residence in Mississauga. This case is ongoing so I have answered anon.

I had consulted with several lawyers and paralegals - Since my claim is for less than 4K - I was turned down by few lawyers but majority of lawyers and paralegals accepted taking on my claim and quoted me a retainer of less than 1K especially that they were confidant we are going to settle during medication and won’t be needing to take it to court.

Having said that, we went with Oleksandr Pichugin - despite his bad breath or poor English, thinking he is knowledgeable and straight forward – We got fooled. He was an absolute disappointment. He promised us, verbally, that our claim would be won during mediation and we won’t be needing to take it to court, he claimed that he had a great reputation in the industry and had won several cases that are similar to ours (all lies).

He also assured us that our cost of retaining him won’t be more than 1K. He brought his stupid schedule fee and calculated all expenses in front of us in his office as well as told us he will be sending the bill from the other lawyer for assessment (defendant), which later after retaining him realized these were all lies.

My first meeting with him, he made me write him a letter outlining all the events that took place as well as I had told him what documents to use in our case and which documents not to use. I had determinedly pushed him to talk about the case prior to mediation, preparing him to present me properly in the mediation. At the end of the day we felt we had learnt little about our case and his position. I should have known that he is all about money and not about the actual case but I didn’t.

We had the mediation scheduled in June, one day before the mediation, I had a time set with him to discuss my case again, as I was driving to his office- 3 hours away from my location at that time, I called his office to let them know that I was on my way, then and at this time when I called him while I am on my way, he tells me that the mediation was reschedule and he will email me the details. Once again I should have known he was incompetent and unfit to represent me but I still went ahead a continued with him, giving him the benefit of doubts.

There was no meeting or any communications with him till 2 days prior to the next scheduled mediation, were he slammed me with a 2K bill (WHAT)… Who, in the right state of their mind would be paying 2K to retrieve 4K - Also, I had a lawyer who I was able to retain from 1K yet went with a paralegal for 2K, this man is crazy.

I didn’t understand nor comprehend where all of these fees were coming from so I tried to discuss it with him but he was not willing to discuss anything, all he wants is money. To be honest, if he did a good job during mediation, I would have paid him but since he didn’t, he is not even worth the initial 1K I paid him.

The day of the mediation, he opens his mouth and man, the judge didn’t understand a word Oleksandr Pichugin said. I tried to speak and clarify our position and instead of Oleksandr Pichugin appreciating my support, he shuts me up - very unprofessional and very rude. The whole mediation was a fail because of him.

After the mediation, Oleksandr Pichugin asked me for his money rather than going over and discussing my case. And later I received an email from him asking me for the additional cost. When I told him that he can take it from my trust fund, he mentioned that I exhausted the fund. I was shocked especially since he didn’t do anything, nor he bothered telling me about these extra charges when it occurred and in a timely manner.

On top of it all, he still didn’t present my best interests after the mediation and decided to terminate my services when I dared to discuss my bill with him.

I am sure, I would have gotten a better outcome if I hired anybody off the streets of Toronto than Oleksandr Pichugin.

He still chases us for "his money" and watches the case closely. I feel that he has prejudiced our case.

This story mentions only a few of the creative ways he found to bill us. His bills deserved to be hung in a gallery.