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Bloxx Toys - Игрушечный интернет магазин в Канаде - Online Toys Store
Вид деятельности: Дети; Торговля; Разное

Welcome to Bloxx Toys - www.bloxxtoys.com !

Bloxx Toys is one of the best specialty toy stores in Toronto, Ontario. Wood, eco-friendly and educational toys, books, crafts ,Lego compatible blocks and many different kinds of hot and hard to find Toys!

Our goal is to provide parents and kids with the best long life development toys, construction sets, games, puzzles and creative playthings. We are available for all of Canada to enjoy our great selection and service.

We carry safe, Eco-friendly toys and games that teach all necessary skills, stimulate language and cognitive development and encourage imaginative play.
As our customer you can expect:

•A 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products
•Superior customer service
•Clear and honest product descriptions
•Prompt shipping
•Safe, Superior quality and Eco friendly toys
•Every week Sale!

Please visit us at: www.bloxxtoys.com or contuct us at: [email protected] .

Контактные данные:

Постоянный адрес страницы: https://www.knopka.ca/profi/8059
Адрес интернет сайта: http://www.bloxxtoys.com
Местоположение: ON, Aurora
Tочный адрес: Bloxx Toys , 446 Hollandview Trail L4G7Z9, PO BOX #34012 Aurora, ON, Canada

Фотоальбом (нажмите на фото для увеличения):

Janod 50pcs Briccolo Barrel
Composed of 50 elements , made entirely of wood and recommended for children 3 to 8 years .

With the many accessories , the child will learn the art of DIY with wooden tools . They will be able to build the craziest gear to suit their imagination. Will create the most inventive of vehicles ( car, motorcycle , for example) .


Uncle Goose - Beautiful Wooden blocks handmade in the USA.

Uncle Goose is the world’s premier manufacturer of heirloom quality wooden blocks. Every set is handcrafted in the USA from fast-growing sustainable Michigan basswood and finished with non-toxic inks. Their blocks are thoughtful, timeless, and can be found in boutiques, design-shops, and quality toy-stores all over the world.


Beautiful ranges of wooden toys are the staple products of French manufacturer Janod.

Janod is one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers of wooden toys, and the factory is situated in the beautiful Jura region of Eastern France where the timber for all the products is grown. All of the Janod toys are finished with non-toxic food grade dyes, and many of them are handed down through generations of families.


Happy Horse

If it's fun everyday soft toys you just found the Best Ones!

From Holland, Happy Horse Toys are made with a great attention to details ,unique sense of humor and lots of bright and Happy Colors! Happy Horse nursery toys and plush animals are known for their originality and Safety! All products are fabricated in accordance with the highest European safety standards. Each product comes with a CE safety label. They suit every need be it budget,style or color.


Магформерс — это развивающий магнитный конструктор нового поколения! Он состоит из деталей простых геометрических форм: треугольников, квадратов, ромбов и многих других, которые легко соединяются между собой силой магнитного притяжения.

Как устроен Магформерс?
Магниты находятся внутри очень прочного многослойного пластикового корпуса, поэтому они ни при каких обстоятельствах не могут выпасть. Зато магниты свободно вращаются внутри, всегда поворачиваясь друг к другу нужным полюсом. Таким образом, все детали Магформерс всегда притягиваются!

Неодимовые магниты Магформерс в 8 раз сильнее обычных. Этой силы хватает, чтобы создавать большие уникальные постройки.

Результат — любые фантазии Вашего ребенка с легкостью воплощаются в жизнь с помощью конструктора Магформерс!



Janod -Filalapat

Set of 6 lacing cards with two different colored string per card 9 total of 13 strings)

• The goal is to slide the strings in the holes all around the animal.
• Instructions included
• Animals: Owl, Hedgehog, Whale, Fox, Octopus, Pelican

BRICTEK® BUILDING BLOCKS компания, разрабатывающая и выпускающая высококачественные конструкторы, полностью совместимые с конструкторами других производителей.

Созданная в северной Америке 2012, Компания BRICTEK® уже предлагает своим клиентам линейку из более чем 100 моделей конструкторов, охватывающих такие игровые темы как: Полицейский участок, Пожарная команда, Строительство домов, Аэропорт, Гонки, Поезда, Пираты, Замки, Космос, воображариум для девочек, Герои и роботы Андройды, Ферма, Машинки-конструкторы на радиоуправлении и эксклюзивную коллекцию Армия, авиация и флот, которые вы сможете купить только у BRICTEK.

BRICTEK® предлагает наборы поппулярных аксессуаров, которые по достоинству оценят заядлые строители. Супер набор из 800 деталей, который не включает в себя никаких либо инструкций позволит развить фантазию маленьких строителей по-настоящему. Различные наборы включают в себя колеса, окна, двери, основания для конструирования, фигурки. Все, что необходимо для развития навыков конструирования и воображения. для того, чтобы предложить Вам и вашим детям высококачественные, развивающие, совместимые с другими производителями конструкторы, полностью спроектированы в Канаде.

Brictek is an exciting new line of building blocks.
• Completely compatible with Lego® brand blocks.
• Brictek offers a high quality alternative that provides great value and more pieces than comparable sets.
• Brictek offers a full line of building block sets and kits of all kinds… Fairy Tale, Construction, • Firefighters, Police, Super Heroes, Space and more. Many kits let kids make 3 or 5 different things… and the prices are AWESOME !

For buying go here: http://www.bloxxtoys.com/collections/brictek

Uncle Goose Stack & Scare - Rodney Construction Set

Stack and create your own monsters with this 18 piece set! Featuring scalloped dowels, scales, robotic diodes, monster heads, hands, feet, patterns and much more. Mix and match shapes or combine with other Stack And Scare™ sets to unleash endless creature combinations! Crafted from sustainable basswood, non-toxic inks and proudly made in the U.S.A.
• stack & create your own monsters!
• hundreds of combination possibilities
• combine with other Stack And Scare sets
• made from FSC certified basswood
• handcrafted in the USA
• includes 18 blocks


Welcome to Bloxx Toys ! We are TAX FREE!!!

Bloxx Toys is one of the best specialty toy stores in Toronto, Ontario. Wood, eco-friendly and educational toys, books, crafts and many different kinds of hot and hard to find Toys!

Our goal is to provide parents and kids with the best long life development toys, construction sets, games, puzzles and creative playthings. We are available for all of Canada to enjoy our great selection and service.

• We carry Building Blocks, Magnet Sets, Puzzles, Educational Toys & Games.
• Bloxx Toys ship anywhere within Canada.
• All Bloxx Toys Prices are TAX FREE.
• Bloxx Toys offer FREE shipping on orders over $100 (before tax) for all our Ontario and Quebec Customers.


All Brictek Sets are Lego®/Mega Bloks® Fully Compatible.

This Set will give your imagination the freedom to build amazing projects with this set of 800 pieces fully compatible with other leading brands. Includes 22 different piece shapes in 7 colors plus 6 mini figurines and a brick remover as a bonus.
For ages 4 and up.


*** Products indicated with ® are registered brand names of the respective manufacturers


Create your own construction site with this 395 pieces building set. Includes scaffolding's, a crane, a truck and a small excavator. Comes with 4 Mini-Figurines. Fully compatible with leading brands.

All Brictek Sets are Lego®/Mega Bloks® Fully Compatible.

includes 395 pieces
Recommended for age 6+
sku #14005

Janod Vehicles Magnetic Book - box/68 pcs

With Janod's Magnetic book Vehicles, you can play anywhere! Boost your creativity, fine motor skills and fun with Janod's Magnetic book Vehicles.

This Magnetic vehicles book from Janod is ideal for keeping children amused when on the move. This activity, which is perfect for at home play or on-the-go, contains 18 different pictures and 50 different magnetic pieces.

Simply put up the card that contains the vehicle you'd like to match and find the pieces in the box that make up your transportation of choice. Or you can explore and see what fun and crazy vehicles you can make one your own.

Your Magnetic book comes in a great box disguised as a book that, once the cover is opened, creates the perfect roadway stage.

Store and sort all your Magnetic book pieces in the different compartments so you're always ready to create and when you're done for the day, easily stash it on your bookshelf for tomorrow.

With Janod's Magnetic book Vehicles, the possibilities are endless.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and up.


Hebrew Language Blocks

Uncle Goose Hebrew aleph-bet block set offers a great way to educate your child on family heritage as well as learning a language.
This set includes 27 blocks made from sustainable Michigan basswood, featuring Hebrew letters, numerals, and animal pictures.


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Bloxx Toys - Игрушечный интернет магазин в Канаде - Online Toys Store
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Мы остались очень давольны магазином www.BloxxToys.com
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